Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shoogie Boogies.

I've written about Shoogie Boogies before (here), but I'm sad to say that until Tuesday of this week, I hadn't been back for more than a year. It's not that I'd forgotten about the little cafe and shop; it's more like when I remembered it, it was always at an inconvenient time. My aunt has been visiting from Pennsylvania for the last few days, though, so when she asked where we should go to lunch yesterday, I immediately replied, "Shoogie Boogies!" (Not in the least because that name is just so fun to say.)

And guess what? The food is just as delicious and the decor and service just as delightful as I remembered. Don't you love when that happens? Eating there was like a big breath of fresh air in the middle of a very busy week. It was perfect.

P.S. Shoogie Boogies owner Kathryn Kittinger's story is really inspiring—she left her Silicon Valley corporate job after realizing she wanted to pursue her dream of being a photographer. The rest is history, but you can read more about Kittinger and Shoogie Boogies here, if you'd like.

Photos: My own. 

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