Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dandelion Chocolate.

I am sucker not only for good food (obvs) but also beautiful packaging, so when I come across something that combines the two, my little pink heart feels especially joyful. Enter Dandelion Chocolate, a small-batch chocolate company based in San Francisco that's available here in Sarasota at Artisan Cheese Company. Dandelion Chocolate uses only two ingredients in its bars—cacao and cane sugar—and the result is an intensely rich chocolate in which you can actually taste all the flavors of the cacao bean. Plus, hello, check out that gorgeous wrapper—there’s no way I can throw that away.

P.S. Louise at Artisan Cheese Company told me that she has a customer who mixes a small square of the chocolate into her coffee every morning—yum.

Photo: My own. 

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