Friday, February 22, 2008

a quickie before i head to orlando.

one last thing: while working (read: perusing blogs) this afternoon, i came across this great web site, laurenalane, via oh joy!. not only are lauren's needle-felted items really sweet, she's a winter park girl, like me! enjoy, and see you monday.

Monday, February 18, 2008

monday afternoon blues.

this is going to be a short post because i'm feeling pretty under the weather (my sore throat from this weekend has now morphed into a full-blown cold; i'm just waiting for the advil cold & sinus to kick in), on top of which oscar has decided to start eating his own litter, which...gross. on so many levels.

[adorable? yes. litter-eating? also yes.]

anyway, raging cold and litter-eating cat aside, i did have a good weekend. on saturday, my lovely friend k. and i headed to the lido beach resort's pool for a couple of hours. it was glorious -- there wasn't a cloud in the sky, the pool was hopping and the whole scene was reminiscent of the week in spring when my grandparents would come visit and we'd sit around their (boutique, historic) hotel's pool, sipping drinks (shirley temple for me; daiquiris for them) at a table under a huge umbrella.

then, afterward, we headed to southgate mall where i bought a cute top from the gap and a little black dress from dillard's that i'd had my eye on for a month and that was half off. talk about a deal (and also, thank you, bank gift card). later that evening k. and i met up with the lovely t. for dinner, then joined some other girlfriends at selva grill for drinks. i skipped out early because of the aforementioned cold and then spent all of yesterday laying around. more of the same is going to ensue today because i'm pretty sure i have to go to work tomorrow -- taking a fourth day off after a three-day weekend would probably not be looked upon very kindly.

i am, however, going to try and make myself some soup tonight because i've been a bread fiend lately and i think my body would appreciate the vegetables and home-cooked nourishment. the soup is a giada de laurentiis recipe, and if it turns out well, i'll be sure to post it. (and i'm pretty sure it will; her stuff is always delicious.)

a bientot -- this girl is going to lay down.