Monday, August 4, 2008

some new things + the weekend!

see the photo above? i knew the weekend was going to be good when i purchased all of that stuff from the woman's exchange of sarasota's* annual sale. the grand total? eight dollars and eighty-six cents. the gravy boat thing, two yellow pieces, white sugar bowl and plates were $3.86; the darker turquoise urn thing was $5 (i'm using it for cotton balls and q-tips in the bathroom; it fits right in). yay! i love thrifting and stuff for my apartment.

(ooh, and lena corwin's printing by hand { above } arrived on friday, too, and it's beautiful. i can't wait to get to work on some projects.)

i also love the farmer's market. yes, i made it there this weekend -- finally! my friend t. came with me and we picked up yummy fruits and vegetables, then walked to c'est la vie, the authentic french cafe downtown, for lunch and met up with our college friends (t. and i went to school together) k., c. and s. yay! after hitting the woman's exchange sale, we all went our separate ways, but reunited for a yummy dinner at the blase cafe on siesta key, followed by drinks at skob (my fave bar) and the beach club (where a great '80s cover band was playing).

yesterday, i slept in -- way in -- and met up with the girls at starbucks on st. amarnds circle, then hit whole foods for the weekly grocery order. it was a good weekend, indeed -- full of laughter and girly catch-up time.

what did you all do?

p.s. tonight i'm whipping up that herb salad that heidi posted last week; will report back on it tomorrow!

*i really, really think the shop should be called the women's exchange, since more than one woman is exchanging, but...whatever.

(both images in this post taken by moi.)

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