Friday, August 15, 2008

have a splendid weekend.

i’m feeling a little quiet this morning, for some reason, although i’m sure that will change as the day goes on and the cup of coffee that i downed this morning kicks in. i have to go to an event for work at like 10 p.m. tonight, which is kind of a random time, but it should be fun, and weekend-wise, i have no concrete plans – except for hopefully hitting the farmer’s market tomorrow morning and making a trip to target at some point.

i’m also feeling a touch impatient because i’m anxiously waiting for amazon to send me a confirmation order that the VERY EXCITING thing i ordered for myself has shipped (even though i chose the free super-saver shipping option and they’re telling me it won’t go out until tuesday). and believe me, i’ll be sharing what it is when it arrives. yay!

and in a total 180 from the above paragraph, little miss pink o’clock here has suddenly realized that she’s 25 now and needs to get her finances under control (although as i type this i’m thinking about how i want to get my eyebrows waxed and that i need to pick up more face cleanser). that means more diy projects/thrifting and even more cooking at home, both of which excite me. so hopefully i’ll be upping the ante and sharing more in regards to both of those things here on the blog – especially as the holidays draw nearer. (and as an aside, can i tell you how weird it was to walk into my local drugstore the other day and see halloween items already displayed? it’s mid-august, people!)

anyway, before i head out, here are a couple of links if you’re looking for something good to read over the weekend.

+ joanna has posted a round-up of great etsy shops stocking fun vintage finds

+ anna blogged about a fantastic chinatown loft early in the week – click here to see pics. so inspiring (i’m loving the paper stars and the spool of twine).

+ this isn’t from this week, but holly posted a great “how to” on avoiding jet lag on her personal blog, haus maus, and is sharing the progress she’s making on her new german apartment right here.

+ this is just funny. oh, boys…at least hers has good taste!

+ courtney over at in(side) the loop echoes my sentiments about summer clothes in the south – take a peek at the gorgeous karen walker (remember the sunglasses i blogged about?) dresses she posted.

that’s it – have a fantastic august weekend! xx.

{ image above from door sixteen by way of at:ny. }

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