Sunday, August 17, 2008

fay, go away! go away, fay!

if you've been watching the news or the weather channel, or reading the newspaper, you've probably heard about tropical storm fay, a.k.a. the bane of my (and every other floridian's) existence right now. it's pretty much all i can think about, and the national hurricane center's "cone of uncertainty" isn't easing my anxiety -- it's huge and has fay making landfall anywhere from naples to north tampa (see below). the good news is, i've been through hurricanes before and fay isn't projected to become super-strong; still, a couple of days without power in mid-august aren't exactly at the top of my wish list.

{ this is today's 11 a.m. update. }

i guess the other good thing is that i did a little bit of prep over the weekend and have plenty of water, batteries, a flashlight (which apparently i didn't bother to buy before this point), non-perishables and -- yay! -- a battery-operated fan. plus, my parents live just outside orlando, so if it gets bad oscar and i will head up there.

in other news, my weekend was really low-key. i had dinner with some friends and then went to my work event on friday night; did a bunch of errand-running on saturday; and then cleaned up the apartment and hung out with my friend k. yesterday. i also watched an insane amount of hills-related stuff on mtv. the hills is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine and i'm secretly really excited about the season four premiere tonight. feel free to judge me.

oh, and i took a spill on my apartment steps (my flip-flops don't have great traction and the stairs were slippery-slimey thanks to some rain), and my left butt cheek is KILLING me. maybe i have some sort of balance problem; i seem to fall a lot!

anyway, posting may be sporadic this week depending on what the storm does (or doesn't) do, but i'll probably post or schedule a post tonight, and i'll update my twitter, too.

for now, though, tell me: how were your weekends? i hope they were fantabulous. xx.

{ image above via the national hurricane center with text added by moi. }

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