Tuesday, August 19, 2008

rainy-day style.

as i type this on monday afternoon, tropical storm/hurricane/what-have-you fay is churning off the coast of florida, preparing to make landfall. here in sarasota, we’re already seeing the first of the storm bands – the sky became personality-free and gray around 11 a.m.; by 3 p.m., we’d already gotten a little rain and wind.

it was right around that first burst of rain that i realized i’d left my umbrella in my car – of course, right? i spend the weekend panicking about a hurricane and then i forget my rain gear. anyway, that got me thinking about rainy-day style and how i am not one of those girls who looks effortlessly chic in rain, wind, heat or cold. i sweat; i splash through puddles; i get my clothes wet. it’s ok; i’m used to it. but i thought i’d put together a little rainy-day round-up – some cute things that i found that i’d certainly throw on if i were that effortlessly chic girl and if i was sure i wasn’t going to totally ruin them by tromping through puddles. (please note that i wouldn't put all of these things together in one outfit!)

{ image above, from top: clear umbrella from urban outfitters; floral rain boot from urban outfitters; nylon (yes, nylon!) tessuto tote by prada at neiman marcus; “rain check” body spray from gap (a throwback to my childhood – “rain” was my favorite gap scent); green-and-white rain coat from juicy couture at shopbop. click to enlarge! }

any rainy-day style tips of your own to share?

this rainy day outfit, over at in(side) the loop, is pretty genius, too!


  1. Love that raincoat!! And thanks for the link :)

  2. I love that raincoat! I would love to own it.

    'designing your life'

  3. oooh I'm going to do a rainy day style on mine too! (Although it's not the least bit rainy here.) Thanks for the idea :)

  4. ah! we still need this today! it will not quit raining! i want that umbrella.