Wednesday, August 27, 2008

happy hump day!

happy wednesday, my loves! yes, it’s the middle of the week already – and do you know what that means? that means we’re all this much closer to a three-day weekend. oh, labor day, i love thee.

i hope you guys will tell me what your plans for the long weekend are; as of right now, mine potentially include trips to ikea and anthropologie, although the latter always proves dangerous. (i’m allowing myself to go to ikea because i have a gift card; that busig tray is calling my name!)

and speaking of anthropologie, i was clicking through its web site yesterday and found these prettily styled images. full disclosure: i’m a sucker for buttons – the kind you push and the kind you wear. when i was little, i was always asking if i could “press the button,” and i remember going to the grocery store and wanting nothing more than to play with the buttons on the cash register. (i got my fill of that when i worked as a cashier at an office supply store years later.) and clothingwise, as i got older i always found myself drawn to pretty detailing – i love a good button, whether it’s the placket of a cardigan or a detail on a shoe, so i hope you enjoy these images, too! xx.

{ all images via anthropologie. }


  1. These images are amazing. Thanks for your living comment - I hope you make it to NY one day. In the meantime sounds like you are having fun where you are now too!

  2. Hello! I am a newbie to your blog. I found it through please sir's blog and can't wait to stop by again. I just happened to be flipping through the IKEA 09 catalog this morning and now have an itch to stop by. Lovely tray you have your eye on by the way. Happy shopping over this holiday weekend!

  3. diana: anthropologie always has the most stunning images. and thank you for your lovely post -- i so enjoyed reading it!

    elizabeth: hi and welcome -- so glad to have you here! i'm going to check out your blog right now. :)

  4. Whoa--new Anthro is amazing! Love the styling. I may get a tray this weekend too and glue it to one of those $12.99 stools and make a table for my office!

  5. Now that is a fabulous dress!!!