Tuesday, August 26, 2008

just a quick list of nice things (and some pretty pictures).

+ my mixer is making me so unbelievably happy, in spite of the fact that a batch of chocolate chip cookies i made on sunday turned out totally flat. weird; that’s never happened before (perhaps i overmixed?). anyway, i’m going to try orangette’s version of the famous david leite/jacques torres cookies that were featured in the new york times a couple of weeks ago, and i’ll report back. also, if you’ve never read orangette before, it’s lovely.

+ i picked up this great gray dress at target on saturday and it makes me feel wonderful when i wear it. it’s got a sort of 1960s mad men vibe about it, and it’s incredibly comfortable, fits perfectly and will transition really well into the “colder” months when i decide i want to wear tights underneath. (i wore it yesterday with yellow shoes.) don’t you love when you feel good in your clothes? p.s. i should note that i originally went to target solely for cat litter and cat food. oops.

+ oscar is being especially cute lately. i mean, just look at him. adorable!

+ you might roll your eyes at me for this, but i finally put all the blogs i read every day into google reader and can i just tell you how much i’m enjoying having everything in one place? it’s the little things, really. maybe i should take a cue from my online organizing and put all of my strewn-about clothes in one place…like the closet.

+ it feels like 100 degrees outside today (no, seriously), but i am so excited about the prospect of september and fall. though i love them all, i think fall is my favorite season – and i’m even more excited this year, for some reason. remember when, in you’ve got mail, tom hanks’ character tells meg ryan that he wishes he could send her a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils? fall always makes me feel like that.

what are you looking forward to?

{ images one and three via {this is glamorous}; second image, of oscar, by me. }


  1. i LOVE the you've got mail reference :) that's one of my favorite movies EVER

  2. meg, i particularly love this post.... not only because of your target trip (i always end up doing the same thing) but also for your you've got mail love.

    my mom LOVES that movie so so much. she actually took my dad to the garden in NYC where tom and meg meet at the end and make him walk up the hill, just like tom did. and we've been to cafe lalo's twice (where tom is supposed to meet the mystery girl and discovers meg instead). love it. might watch it tonight ;)

    happy 3-day weekend to you.

  3. oh my gosh, jennifer, that is the cutest story ever -- i love it! aww. you've got mail is the best movie ever. love it SO MUCH.