Monday, August 11, 2008

one last thing today...

{ oscar, the best cat ever. }

you all know how i feel about my cat, oscar. i love him – he brings me such joy. he was also a rescue kitty – he wandered into my friend k.’s apartment, stick-thin and scared, almost two years ago, and she let him stay and gave him tons of love before i adopted him (she already had two kitties, the maximum allowed in her her apartment complex). after several health complications, including a bout with feline leprosy (yes, seriously) that we’ve almost completely kicked (one more round of medication – whew!), oscar is fat, fluffy and happy. i can’t believe that anyone would give him up, and i am a firm believer in animal adoption. a lot of my friends are, too.

{my family's dog, lola, who lives with my parents because i'm not allowed to have dogs in my apartment (and because she's very happy there, too). she was a rescue, too; she was a puppy mill dog. i adore her. }

that’s why i was so happy to see bee’s post about save a sato, an animal-rescue organization that places stray puerto rican cats and dogs in loving homes. there are thousands of abandoned animals roaming the streets in p.r., and bee’s doing her part to get the word out about how we can all help (she adopted a stray puerto rican puppy, in fact). but get this: if you leave a comment on this post on her blog, she’ll donate $10. that goes for every comment she receives, guys. it’s so easy and painless – you should definitely do it. i know i am. there’s more, so click here to read, and, like i said, leave a comment.

p.s. while you’re reading bee’s blog, a fave of mine, check out this post. hilarious.

{ photos of lola and oscar above by me. }

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  1. You are SO sweet...thank you so much for posting this! Lola and that little fluffernutter are adorable. And I love hearing about other rescues.

    Again, thank you so much. You rock, sista!