Friday, August 8, 2008

i'm a lush.

yep, you read that right – i’m a lush. or, more specifically, i’m a lush addict. and when i say “lush,” i’m referring to the british line of handmade soaps, bath goodies, skincare products and fragrances.

i credit my dear friend hayley for my discovery of lush; she was into it way before i was, but it didn’t take much to get me hooked, too. the products smell intoxicatingly good – you can literally smell a lush shop before you see it – and they’re cruelty-free, eco-friendly and organic-product-laden. the bath products (specifically soaps, bath bombs and bubble bars) and dusting powders (silky underwear!) are my favorite, but i’ve used their skincare products, fragrances and body lotions, too. dream cream, in particular, is incredibly soothing, and the angels on bare skin cleanser doesn’t irritate my finicky sensitive skin. i’ve used a lot of cosmetic products, you guys – i love soap, makeup and lotions and potions – but i always come back to lush for one reason or another. i think it’s because i’m such an olfactory person and their scents always make me feel good.

{ clockwise from top left: angels on bare skin facial cleasner; blue skies and fluffy white clouds bubble bar; dream cream body lotion; silky underwear dusting powder; rock star soap; bathos bubble bar; and avobath bath bomb. }

anyway, for more information on lush, click here. i’m hoping the company builds a store in sarasota soon – there are two in orlando, one in tampa and one in fort myers. sarasota is smack-dab in the middle of all that – come on, people, it’s a necessity!

{ images via's u.s.a. site; photoshopped by me. }


  1. i've always wanted to buy their products, but am afraid their soaps in particular will dry my skin out. especially the facial soap - i was always taught bar soap for the face was a no-no. i may have to try them now. :)

  2. hmm -- i've never had any problems with their stuff, and my skin can dry out VERY quickly. i will say, though, that the bath products are by far my favorite.

    i just discovered some great new skincare stuff by mario badescu that i'm going to post about tomorrow -- i swear my face hasn't felt this soft since i was a child!

  3. Oh I wish they had that store here - I love it too when I visit while traveling!

  4. I LOVE LUSH...duh. Oh man Meg, that have soooooo many cool new products coming out. Check out the UK Lush site.

  5. I love this store! I go to it every time i go to NYC. It's the best smelling store and the products are wonderful!