Thursday, August 14, 2008

easy, breezy, beautiful...

i know, i know -- these looks are from loeffler randall's spring 2008 lookbook. spring has sprung and gone; we're now creeping toward the end of summer. but i couldn't help but post these outfits because they're still applicable here in florida, and will be for quite awhile (i bet they're still applicable to you, too, until at least september, right?). we don't even think about starting to wear fall/"winter" clothes until november, and even then, we only wear them for a month or two. as a matter of fact, i'm still looking for a bathing suit (and i think i've found the perfect one, below). plus, i think all of these pieces have such an ease about them -- they look great, but they also look comfortable. well played, jessie randall; if i had to choose a line on which to max out my credit card, yours would be at the top of my list.

{ pretty much my dream bathing suit. }

{ i love everything about this dress. }

{ i think one of my coworkers was wearing this top the other day. it looked great on her; i covet it now, too. }

{ i'd pair this with yellow shoes. }

{ the perfect weekend outfit. }

p.s. thoughts on last night's project runway? i preferred stella and jerrell's dress to kenley and keith's, honestly, but i thought both teams did a great job. am starting to feel like terri is just a touch one-note (i'd like to see something other than a flowy top with black pants next week), and am not a big fan of joe. and you, my dears? did the right person go home?

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  1. ok for one, i just saw your comment on d*s about the anne of green gables and i laughed so hard. two, totally agree about the dress, loved jerrell's more! sadly i agreed with the choice of who left, but there was definitely potential in her too. also LOVE the spring08 lookbook photos you chose! i haven't bought a bathing suit either :)