Wednesday, August 13, 2008

my bed, bath and beyond.

i’ve been kind of obsessed with the idea of new bedding – and a new bed – lately. ever since i saw this gorgeous photo by carolyn quartermaine on joy’s blog, i knew i would be investing in a new bed set sometime soon. i love dwellstudio’s stuff (who doesn’t, right?), and the sarasota outpost of yves delorme has some really beautiful pieces, too.

the problem is, before i buy new bedding i have to buy a new bed. yes, i’m 25 years old and i currently sleep in a twin bed. it’s not especially comfortable, it’s not spacious, and while it has a sort of bohemian aspect about it, it’s not really my style at all anymore. as we all know, i don’t have tons of money to throw around, so i scouted some bed and mattress options at ikea and have decided that i like the vinstra model ($199) or the aneboda model ($129 – i’m into platform beds, can you tell?). i know i should probably invest in a better-quality piece, but i’ve never had any problems with my ikea stuff and these two models are pretty much exactly what i’m looking for. oh, and, most importantly, they're not budget-crushing or humongus space-eater-uppers – i live in a tiny apartment, remember, so a gigantic sleigh-style bed really isn’t going to work for me.

{ left, the aneboda bed; right, the vinstra bed. both from ikea. }

anyway, when i saw grace’s post on jill sanford burrows this morning, i fell head over heels in love – my “ideal bedroom” immediately came together in my head. jill’s stuff is gorgeous; i love the saffron-colored, pebble-like shapes on the “riverbed” collection, and the “field day” pieces are calling my name like you wouldn’t believe. i really like white bedding – there’s something so luxurious, so sumptuous about it – so it’s no wonder i’m having the reaction i am to jill’s pieces. if you want to see or shop the new sanford burrows collection, click here; for grace’s commentary on design*sponge, click here.

{ left, "riverbed"; right, "field day," both by sanford burrows. sorry about my shoddy photoshopping! }

p.s. after all that talk of white bedding, i saw this bedding set in the outlet section of the yves delorme web site – it’s kind of reminiscent of that carolyn quartermaine photo, isn’t it? i think it would look great with pops of yellow.

{ images from ikea, sanford burrows and yves delorme. }


  1. I love the aneboda bed. I like that the headboard is a little taller so it looks like there is a bed there.
    Thats the one I have been looking at at ikea. I have mattresses and the frame but no "bed" so I too have been on the look out

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