Thursday, August 28, 2008

magazine love.

marie claire has, somewhat suddenly, become one of my favorite magazines; i really look forward to getting it in the mail every month. the stories are well-packaged, the writing is snappy and the whole book is much smarter than its coverlines might lead readers to believe. plus, i really enjoy reading the stories and departments that cater to young professional women and that aren’t necessarily featured on the cover – they’re like little surprises as i flip through the pages.

of course, the fat september issues of any of the national (fashion) magazines are guaranteed to be even more chock-full of good reads, and marie claire is no exception. i was particularly drawn to a spread that featured neon-bright accessories; i love a saturated jewel tone, so this article was a hit with me. i picked some of my favorite groupings below – just looking at them puts me in a good mood (click to enlarge).

and speaking of the september mc, there was a great article called “nine days to glowing skin” – i think i just might follow the (very doable) steps and see what happens. of course, the story is packaged as a beauty thing; in reality, it’s more of a lifestyle thing. i’ll be sure to report back!

{ images above via; photoshopped by yours truly. }

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