Tuesday, August 5, 2008

blog crush + etsy love.

{ the little bandits }

here’s a confession for you: over the past week, i’ve spent hours poring over nicole balch’s blog, making it lovely, and flickr photos, and i’ve decided that she’s pretty much my interior design idol. her style is, well, lovely, and i would kill to live in a house as pretty as hers (or even an apartment as pretty as her former one – why, oh why, can i not paint my walls?!). in a nutshell: nicole, who owns the stationery company pink loves brown and does web design, too, is awesome; this is a fact. and if you haven’t made your way over to making it lovely, i highly recommend that you do so. just a little gift from me to you, people.

ahem. anyway.

the point of this post is that i credit nicole for my discovery of the fabulous etsy shop the black apple. run by emily martin, the black apple features emily’s original artwork, which is the perfect mix of pretty and quirky. nicole posted a photograph of her little dunces prints awhile back, and when i browsed the items emily’s sold in her etsy shop, i found many, many more to love. i’m hoping to get my hands on some prints very soon; in fact, emily’s shop, which was closed, reopens today (aug. 5), so maybe that will actually happen. my unpainted walls, i’m sure, would thank me.

{ she moves among the sparrows }

p.s. emily also writes a blog called inside a black apple; click here to check it out.

{ all photos via the black apple }