Monday, June 9, 2008

sunday, bloody sunday.

i am a bit of a magazine whore. i admit it. i am. i think i've mentioned that i get approximately 10-12 magazines delivered to my mailbox each month -- everything from vegetarian times to new york. and i read them all. there is something in every single magazine that i connect to, and i love that.

glamour is my favorite of the whole group. after outgrowing sassy and seventeen, it was the first "grown up" glossy i turned to, and i've never looked back. hopefully one day i'll be lucky enough to have my own office on its floor in the conde nast building, but until then i'll be content with lovingly flipping through the pages.

that being said, marie claire, which was given to me as a gift by my dear friend j., is quickly creeping up my "favorite magazines" list. it has great variety -- everything from fashion to books to health -- and its articles are well-written and often rather cheeky; the authors really have their own voice, something i very much appreciate. i was especially happy to get the july issue -- the cover story was about sex and the city: the movie -- and immediately plopped down on my sofa to peruse it. the sex and the city spread was wonderful, of course, but it was another article that really caught my eye -- about sundays.

yep, sundays. as in, the seventh day of the week (or the first, depending on how you look at it). "beating the sunday blues" was the title of the piece; written by mc articles editor lauren iannotti, it was about the pressure sundays apply to the "overachieving single gal." as i read -- skeptically at first, but soon nodding in agreement -- i appreciated the fact that the article emphasized the idea that we OSGs need a break. sundays don't need to be scheduled; they don't need to include brunches with friends, trips to the gym, runs to the grocery store or the idea that a whole litany of things need to be accomplished. "am i just dangling a bunch of shiny plans in front of myself -- look over here! a tennis date! -- so i won't see what's right in front of me? myself, my life?" iannotti writes.

she goes onto say that sunday should be the oasis, not the bane, of the week, and i agree. while i spent most of my sunday cleaning (thank you, semi-annual apartment inspection), not reading domino like i thought i would, from now on i'm going to try to take iannotti's advice and make my sundays something to look forward to for the pure fact that i don't have to do anything. how about you? what did your sundays entail?

ps: the title of this post? probably the article title marie claire was trying to avoid. ah, well.

pps: laugh if you want, but as i type this post (at 10 p.m. on sunday, actually; i love that blogger lets me schedule posts now), i'm having a bit of a carrie bradshaw moment. the night is calm and black, i'm sitting at my antique writing desk, and the light in my apartment is soft. this, truly, is the perfect way to wrap up a sunday. (photo above, of carrie's apartment, via

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