Tuesday, June 17, 2008

organization: how do you do it?

i am someone who really enjoys a clean (as opposed to…dirty? ha! you know what i mean), well-edited house. there’s something so appealing to me about minimal clutter, beautiful groupings of objects and, well, a lack of junk and dust everywhere. my love of the now-defunct blueprint magazine and its organizational tricks is well-documented, and i thoroughly appreciate real simple’s tips for lifestyle organization (seriously, if you can make a six-page spread on laundry interesting, you’re a-ok in my book). being in control of my space makes me feel physically better; in fact, i often do a “clean sweep” of my entire desk before beginning a new project at work (this started during my junior year in college when i had to write big papers, and it often happened at 2 a.m.; sorry if i ever woke you up with my paper shuffling, mel!).

[jinnie lee's beautiful workspace.]

that said, “organized” is a word i would not use to describe my personal life. walk through my apartment door on any given day when i know someone’s not coming over and you’ll find a mess. to clarify: my apartment is not dirty; it’s messy. i throw my clothes everywhere, i leave my makeup bottles all over the vanity, there’s generally a stack of dishes in the sink and i try to avoid doing laundry until i’m out of clean underwear.

[trine's home is a favorite of mine. i wish my dressing area looked like this. actually, i wish i had a dressing area.]

however, i recently did a major house clean due to an impending apartment inspection and i’ve somehow managed to keep my clothes in the closet and my lotions and potions in the medicine cabinet. it’s interesting how much better i’m functioning; i now want to put my clothes away and stack my magazines neatly. my apartment is my home, my nook, my place where i can let the stress of the outside world fall away and zone out with a book or the blue light of the television. i should keep it as neat and clean as possible so my mind can be neat and clean, too, right?

[nicole's home = a constant source of inspiration.]

right. i’m just not sure how long this newfound organization will last. so i ask you, dear readers, for your organizational tips. my friend k., a teacher, tells me that i should put away 20 things – socks, paper, anything – each night. i’m on the cusp of my 25th birthday, i know i need to live like the successful young woman i am. so i implore you – please share! xx.

(photos above of some of my favorite organized homes: trine of ferm living’s vanity area [via design*sponge]; jinnie lee’s desk [via sfgirlbybay]; nicole’s bedroom [via apartment therapy: chicago].)

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