Monday, June 16, 2008

just another manic monday.

after a good, long (but emotional) weekend and two cups of jitter-inducing coffee this morning, i am back to work and busy i leave you with this picture of my (beloved, adorable) oscar, who is sitting (well, sleeping) exactly where i wish i was right now, especially since it's rainy and gray outside: in bed, avec book (i picked up a copy of claire messud's the emperor's children this weekend and am excited to get started). more to come tomorrow. hope you all had wonderful father's day weekends. xx.


  1. meg-o.... i have bookmarked your blog too and am a loyal reader here as well. i enjoy your outlook on life and how you write about it. and i love your cat. chloe would look like her if she was a cat... all white and fluffy.


  2. aw, jennifer! thanks! i'm so glad to hear from you. chloe is the cutest puppy ever, by the way.

    i hope you and andy and miss chloe are well! love.