Wednesday, June 18, 2008

hot hot heat.

as promised, here are my top five beauty picks for summer 2008. now, we all know i love makeup – even the packaging thrills me. my aunt, a makeup collector if there ever was one (though, interestingly, she doesn’t wear much – maybe the love-of-packaging thing runs in the family) has a huge tote bag next to her sink that’s filled with products, and every summer i spend at least one evening in front of the mirror – usually pre-going-out-to-dinner – playing around with the various lip glosses, cheek stains and eyeshadows. it’s fun.

that said, the summer heat can cause a lot of makeup-related issues. cream eyeshadows can crease, mascara can run, foundation can cake or fade away. i find that a lighter touch for everything – hair products, skincare, makeup – is key, so with that in mind i’ve compiled what i think is the perfect summer makeup/skincare/haircare wardrobe. the only thing missing is the eye makeup – but maybe you can tell me your favorite eye makeup. me, i’m partial to maybelline’s great lash mascara, a little highlight on the brow bone and on the inside corners of the eye, and not much else.

[clockwise from mid-left: fresh soy face cleanser (fresh products are fantastic; i visited their store in greenwich village a few years ago and fell in love – try their lemon-sugar perfume if you need a light fragrance); benefit dandelion blush (the perfect summery pink); clinique black honey almost lipstick (a universally flattering shade – seriously); sally hansen natural beauty “your skin” makeup (created by carmindy of what not to wear fame – she uses it on the show and it looks great); and finally, bumble & bumble simply seaweed shampoo and conditioner (i use this every day – it’s light and smells wonderful). click on the image to enlarge, if you’d like.]

now it’s your turn – what summer – or year-round – beauty products can you not live without?

p.s. i would be totally remiss if i posted this without making mention of sunscreen as the ultimate summer beauty product, but i’m hoping that by now it’s so ingrained that we absolutely must wear it if we’re out in the sun that it can go without a picture. (fyi, i use the highest spf banana boat makes.)

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  1. Thank you for this! I need new make-up in the worst way!