Thursday, June 12, 2008

summer fashion picks.

i’ve been writing about lots of home décor-related stuff lately, so i thought it might be time to switch it up and talk about something different. tomorrow i’ll have a review of the fancy restaurant my girlfriends and i ate at last friday, as well as a review of my favorite local thai place (a sort of high/low thing, if you will), but for today i thought we could take about…fashion!

summer, for me, has been in full swing since memorial day. it is hot-hot-hot here in florida and it’s probably not going to let up until october (ah, the price we pay for mild winters and six months of perfect weather). and that, for me, means light, breathable fabrics, flip flops and bright colors. i’m about to start work on a project that, if it goes well, i’ll share with you sometime in july and that will be somewhat related to this post. so in the spirit of that project (am i being cryptic enough for you?), i thought i’d share my summer clothing wish list – the five pieces i would love to have in my wardrobe right now. also? i’m not taking price into account, hence the term “wish list.”

[clockwise from top left: printed top (how soft does that look?) from my new favorite store, bird; “chellah” bag from anthropologie (if anyone wants to buy me a birthday present, this bag is at the top of my list!); simple, not-too-short, beat-the-heat navy shorts from gap; brown and yellow “kinzie” flats from j.crew; printed dress (would look perfect with a wide brown belt and gladiator sandals in brown or metallic) from bird.]

is there any fashion item you’re lusting after? remember, price isn’t an issue. ooh, and next week i’ll do a “top five summer beauty products” roundup.

see you tomorrow! xx.

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