Wednesday, June 4, 2008

more inspiration.

so after yesterday's very well-matched, "adult" (not in that way, you dirties) interiors, i thought i'd switch things up today with a bit of eclecticism. my goal for this summer is to whip my apartment into shape; though i feel like i've started something good, i have quite a ways to go until i'm truly happy with my tiny space (starting with some curtains on the windows would be great, no?). and while yesterday's interiors (specifically the jessica helgerson photos) reflect my ideal house, today's photos reflect my ideal apartment. i feel like the two are the difference between being in my 20s (apartment) and being in my 30s (house), if that makes any sense.

anyway, you're probably like, "shut up, meg, get to the pics," so here we go: my inspirations for my summer o' decorating. brief caps (and credits!) follow the pics, a la the photo post on monday. hope you enjoy. xx.

this living room belongs to victoria (aka sfgirlbybay). i love the way the framed photos/paintings are grouped on the wall and how the white is cozy, not sterile.

with the exception of the black fireplace (which i actually think adds tons of character, it's just not my taste), this is pretty much my dream bedroom/living room. i want to incorporate a lot more color (orange, pink) into my little home, a la these curtains and bed linens. (photos via d*s.)

the sneak peek feature on d*s is one of my favorite ways to troll for home inspiration. i bookmarked andy beers' portland living room when it was first featured on the site; i love the way all the knickknacks are arranged on the mantle and in the fireplace. that mirror is pretty great, too. (photos via d*s.)

anna's blog, door sixteen, is one of my favorites. i love seeing the progress she's making on her home renovations; she's totally my do-it-from-scratch-decorating icon. i particularly love her living room (it's clean-lined and uncluttered but warm) and the above arrangement in her kitchen. perfection. (photos via d16.)

and finally, some local inspiration. i posted this photo a few months ago, but i thought it was appropriate for this entry, too. i love the pops of color in this kitchen, particularly the green chairs and the red tea kettle, and would totally love to have a kitchen this colorful. (photo via

ps: stay tuned for an extra post...a home tour coming up tonight at six!

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