Friday, June 27, 2008


1. what did you do 10 years ago?
wow. 10 years ago i was...just about to turn 15. it's so weird that i can say "10 years ago i was doing..." and actually remember whatever i'm referring to. crazy. so, anyway, 10 years ago i would have just finished my freshman year of high school and probably would have been excitedly preparing to go to pennsylvania with my family -- just like i'm doing right now. only this year i'm going solo.

2. five items on your to-do list:
--safely transport the pea dumplings i made last night to my boss' house for the swill party (read: wine tasting) she's having tonight. hope she has something with which to steam them.
--take a shower and make myself look presentable. maybe straighten hair.
--take out trash.
--call a couple of people back. (confidential to my friends awaiting callbacks: the fact that i am not great at answering my phone does not reflect how much i value our friendship. promise.)
--figure out oscar's medicine situation when i'm away.

3. snacks I enjoy:
mmm...i love yogurt, especially stonyfield farm. also, fresh fruit (bananas and raspberries especially). and chocolate, of course.

4. what would you do if you were a billionaire?
pay off all of my debt (student loans, credit cards, car) and my family's (mortgages, etc.). give a bunch to charities (children's foundations, animal rescue organizations, cancer charities, alzheimer's research foundations -- all things that have affected me in some personal way). and, of course, shop, buy a hybrid car, probably upgrade the living situation, etc.

5. places I would live:
new york. san francisco. paris. ireland.

6. jobs I have had:
cashier at schlotzsky's deli. cashier at my friend's dad's pizzeria. cashier/bookkeeper at office depot. editorial intern. and now, writer/editor.

7. bloggers I am tagging who you will enjoy getting to know better:
not tagging anyone, but feel free to fill this out -- and let me know if you do!

* * *

hooray! it's friday! i'm so happy. tonight i have a work party at my boss' house, and i'm not really sure what the plans are for the rest of the weekend, which is kind of exciting. (i may just stay in, something i haven't done a lot of lately.) then next day is a four-day work week and i'm off on vacation for the whole week after that. i hope you all have a fantastic weekend. xx.

p.s. i saw a post on bluelines about the blogger's "summer essentials kit," which included havianas, margaritas and neil young's harvest album. i have to say mine would be pretty similar: flip-flops, the coconutty smell of sunscreen, the ocean, a margarita for sure, a really great book and maybe the mountains of pennsylvania thrown in for a week for good measure. tell me: what's in yours?

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  1. I agree with you on what you'd do with the billion. I'd pay off the student loans, cc, and of course donate to all the illnesses that have touched my family in some way.