Wednesday, June 25, 2008

loving: yes, more j.crew!

anh-minh, lucky small-footed woman that she is, posted a pair of lovely child’s-size j.crew flats on her blog a few days ago, and i let out a little squeal of delight when i saw them. unfortunately, the grown-up equivalent of the flats isn't quite as pretty – but the heeled version totally is. i know i’ve posted a lot of j.crew items in the “loving” category lately, but to me the clothes are the epitome of summer and these "penelope" peep-toes really make me smile. they're almost spectator in style, and the range of colors is really lovely – i especially love the red-and-cream and the green-and-orange. can’t you imagine wearing these with a sweet little seersucker dress like the one above?

p.s. stay tuned for a second foodie post coming up a little later.

p.p.s. i caved and bought two of the books i mentioned yesterday on amazon: then we came to the end and all we ever wanted was everything. i was going to get petite anglaise, too, but i decided i wanted to purchase at least one book on the list from a bookstore. my wonderful friend s. and i love having coffee together at borders when i visit pennsylvania, so i figure i'll get it when i'm up there next week.

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