Tuesday, June 3, 2008

loving: brown and green.

i'm having a total green moment, as i mentioned a few posts ago, and it was illuminated for me while lazing around my apartment on sunday and watching the dress my nest marathon on the style channel. the show, which stars designer thom filicia (of queer eye fame), has a pretty simple premise: ugly homes and apartments are completely revisioned by filicia, whose aesthetic i almost completely agree with (he could go a little simpler in some instances, i feel, but hey, he's the designer, not me!). also, all the subjects are women in their 20s and early 30s, so i feel like i can relate to them in terms of where they are in their lives. dress my nest actually deserves its own "loving" post; it's a fun show and it comes in manageable half-hour bites, so you're not sitting in front of the tv for an hour going, "come on, thom!"

anyway, one of the makeover subjects was a girl named karess who lives in a one-bedroom apartment that's not dissimilar to mine (minus the fact that i don't have a bedroom). it was a tiny but cute space, with wood floors and incredibly sparse furnishings. thom had her pick a couple of personal items that were significant to her; from them, he drew inspiration for his design. here're two photos of the living room, courtesy of mystyle.com (sorry they're so grainy):

the color, as you can probably tell, is not true-to-life, but that's ok. i really like the brown, green, cream and champagne color palette -- this room makes me want to slap a coat of chocolate brown paint on my walls and pop it with green pieces.

so do these, which grace posted on design*sponge last week. my jaw dropped when i saw these photos; they are absolutely beautiful and they also feature deep brown, white and great pops of green.

see? perfection. for now, i think i'm going to stick to my palette of greens and blues, but if i ever feel the need to overhaul my apartment, a dark brown, green and white palette is going to be how i do it.

what color palettes are you loving right now? share!

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