Thursday, June 19, 2008


i wasn’t sure what i was going to write about today; as i sat at my desk last night, tapping my index finger on the “j” key of my laptop and listening to thunder rumbling outside, i thought maybe i’d do a thursday quote – one that i came across while rereading eat, pray, love last night and that i thoroughly appreciate. (i’ll save that for another day. i have something much better for you.)

i woke up late this morning. really late. 8:33 late. yikes. my reaction when i saw the clock was like something out of a cartoon: eyelids fluttered open; red clock numbers came into focus; mind processed what was going on; mouth yelled, “oh, shit!”; body leaped out of bed and raced to the bathroom, leaving only a cloud of smoke behind. poor oscar, who was asleep in his scratch lounge, looked at me like i was nuts. i slicked my hair into a nub of a ponytail, pushed my non-shampooed (read: kind of greasy) bangs to the side, slapped on a headband for good measure and threw on some clothes: a purple blouse, jeans and my favorite green wedges. after tottering across the street in the rain (my umbrella was in my car, thank goodness); i managed to sneak – shamefacedly – into my office by 8:54. by 9:30 i was sipping a cup of (bad, bad) office coffee, responding to e-mail and crossing things off my to-do list, but i still felt totally thrown off my schedule – augmented by the fact that i ate a very strange mélange of foods for “breakfast” after a very strange mélange of foods for dinner last night, which in turn resulted in some weird stomach action at about 1 p.m.

so imagine my happiness when i discovered the fabulous jen gotch – photographer extraordinaire and author of the fantastic “my polaroid blog” – via oh joy!. jen’s images were exactly what i needed on this dreary gray day – hauntingly pretty and soft. the kind of photos that make you look twice, and the kind of photos onto which you immediately impart your own meaning. i can think of 20 different associations that come to mind when looking at her “white balloons and a light switch” (below) photo. don’t you love that?

ps: california-based jen also writes a food blog, “becoming a foodie.” a multitalented girl, for sure.

(all photos above by jen gotch.)

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