Tuesday, June 10, 2008

pink walls: what do we think?

as you all know by now, i’m a renter. i love my studio apartment – it’s small, yes, but it has wood floors, tons of windows and it actually sort of feels like there’s two rooms instead of one giant space, thanks to some nice wall architecture by whoever built the building back in 1926.

that said, because i’m a renter, i’m not allowed to paint the walls, which are a generic masking-tape color that i, uh, don’t love. i’ve hemmed and hawed over whether i should ask the landlord if i can paint anyway, so long as i promise to repaint before i move out, but that doesn’t seem worth the trouble, and wallpapering isn’t an option, either. so, needless to say, i spend a lot of time daydreaming about my dream wall color.

[i realize that this is less pink than fuschia, but i kind of love it with the white accents. i would like it only in small, concentrated doses like this, though.]

for a while, most of my stuff was pink-themed and shabby chic. however, about a year ago i got totally sick of that and moved to a slightly more modern blue and green theme that’s inspired by my favorite urban outfitters chair. i really love it; since i live near the beach, it seems appropriate, and the colors are soothing, not headache-inducing (like the too-red wall i had in my bedroom at my parents' house). long story short: i was glad to lose the pink – at least in my home décor – for awhile.

[i like this softer color, but this is too much pink.]

but recently i’ve been seeing a lot of pink walls in the various blogs and design mags i peruse (domino has a whole page devoted to the color in its june/july issue), and i’ve been wondering if, when i live in an apartment or house i can actually paint, i’ll go that route, too. the pros: the lightest pinks are actually pretty close to white; when coupled with the right lighting, they create a flattering glow; pink is just pretty, especially with white. the cons: the girly factor and, well…i mean, it’s pink.

[if i were to do a pink room, i'd do it like nicole. love that astrid chair from anthropologie.]

so what do you think? would you ever consider pink walls?

(first two photos above via dominomag.com; third via making it lovely.)

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  1. I'm just catching up on posts. I really hate the first pink color, reminds me of pepto bismol. And when Disney painted the castle that color. Blech. I like the lighter pinks though. And actually my friend Sheri painted her to-be daughter's room a bright pink and it looks really good, especially with the white and green accents they have.