Thursday, June 26, 2008

loving: dearpony.

yes, it’s true: two “loving” posts this week, and one of them is actually not j.crew-related! this second one comes via the genius blog poppytalk. jan always manages to find wonderful things, and after clicking on the link for etsy seller dearpony in one of her recent blogs, i immediately let out a delighted little “ooh!” and started thinking about whether i could possibly afford to to blow some money on dearpony clothes.

by way of a little background, dearpony is run by tracy fillion, who also co-owns the cool-looking canadian shop very hush hush (read more about it – and tracy – here on poppytalk ). she uses a lot of recycled materials and organic cotton to craft her line of silkscreened clothing, accessories and toys, a practice i totally support. tracy’s clothes just scream (or do they whisper?) “summer” to me; there’s nothing better than a june day spent running around in easy, pretty things like these. some of my very best childhood memories revolve around sitting on my grandparents’ front porch in pennsylvania in july, sipping sweet tea in a soft t-shirt and feeling utterly relaxed; and looking at tracy’s stuff – particularly that white t-shirt – takes me right back to those days...and nights. i’ve put together a couple of images that i found in her etsy shop, but as of right now only the green top is available. it’s $89 and made of organic cotton – click here for more info and sizing.

(white t-shirt, yellow dress, recycled-leather hip pouch and green top all via dearpony.)

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