Wednesday, June 4, 2008

little orange house.

i stumbled across these pictures today and just had to share them with you, especially in light of the last post about bright colors. this little home is full of them, from the cheerful orange exterior to the great interior details. i’m not crazy about the green kitchen, which you’ll see below, but the rest of it is perfection. i’d move in right now if it had $299,000 worth of change to spare! (yep, it’s for sale.)

love, love, love the bright orange paint and the sweetly landscaped front yard. also, how cute is that mailbox? this house is like a little neighborhood oasis.

aren’t the decorations great? and very appropriate for the house, which i believe was built in 1913. i covet the chair in the corner and i think the green-washed wood floors add a lot more character than regular brown wood ones. i wish there was a shot of the sofa from the front; the details on it look gorgeous.

another great shot of the living room.

the black and white tile in the dining room is one of my favorite things about this house. they, and the door-like panels jutting out from the walls, in combination with the dark wood, really make this room special. plus, how great are the two chairs? i like that the room is antique-y without feeling stuffy.

like i said before, i’m not crazy about this kitchen. there’s too much green (look at the way the paint reflects off the already-green floors) and i really feel like investing in new cabinetry would do a lot for this room. however, color and cabinets aside, i do appreciate the details: the row of glass bottles on the shelf above the stove, the pretty silver appliances, the hello kitty thing to the right of the sink, the kitchenaid mixer in pistachio (my dream appliance in my dream color). there’s so much potential here.

when i find photos like these – or even when i’m reading something – the way i gauge how much i like them/it is whether or not i want more. in this case, i do want more: more detail shots. a shot of the bedroom. a shot of the back yard. this such a great space; i hope that it finds an owner worthy of its quirky character. and i hope, too, that you enjoyed this little home tour. see you tomorrow – i’m going to post my review of sex and the city: the movie. (today’s photos via


  1. So cute - love the creativity. I agree about the kitchen though; not a fan of everthing green! It's like Kermit the Frog's abode!