Tuesday, October 7, 2008


my love of elephants is well-documented on this blog, which means you can imagine my happiness when i spied this jeweled elephant ring ($178) on the anthropologie web site. it’s a statement ring, i know, but i’d just love to prance around with it on my finger. (and apparently it’s a popular piece, because it appears to be on back order until oct. 25.)

a much more budget-friendly, and equally cute, option is this owl ring from fred flare (only $14!) that i spied on cupcakes and cashmere today. my elephant love is rivaled only by my owl love—i really enjoy this.

how do you guys feel about statement jewelry? i really like lots of long, layered necklaces and big cocktail rings. and unlike some of my friends, who much prefer white gold to yellow (i felt that way for a long time, too, honestly), i think yellow gold can have an awesome vintage vibe to it. what’s your preference? share!

{ images via anthropologie and fred flare. }


  1. I LOVE the elephant ring! It really is precious. I have to say, I am not so into GOLD, but I love statement jewelry!

  2. ooh that elephant ring is AMAZING! love the color, it's so unexpected.