Thursday, October 23, 2008

survey for a thursday.

my loves, i’ve been a horrendous blogger lately and i’m so sorry—my life has been full to the point that i just haven’t had a moment to sit down and write. i am reading all of you, though, and i’m going to try to get back in the swing of things for next week.

for today, though, i present you with a little survey. i was tagged by the oh-so-lovely alison of dear alison and am super-happy to oblige. (full disclosure: i am a secret survey lover, so i was thrilled when i saw alison’s tag.)

anyway, that being said, here goes—i’m not going to tag anyone, but please, please, please fill this out yourself, if you’re so inclined, and link me! oh, and if you want to read alison’s answers—or her blog—click right here.

1. i’ve been a vegetarian for four years now, and i really don’t miss meat at all.
2. when i was little, i used to want to be a voice for a disney character (ariel was—is—my favorite; my grandmother used to make me sing “part of your world” to her when i was growing up. and by the way, i still do it in the shower).
3. i want to live in new york, san francisco or paris for at least a year of my life.
4. i’m a leo, although i think i have a touch of cancer in me, too. i really like being the center of attention, though, even if i pretend i don’t. (and speaking of astrology, the ‘scope google uses for its igoogle homepage is freakily accurate—at least for me.)
5. if i could max out my credit card at any one store, it would be anthropologie. can you tell?
6. speaking of finances, i tend to live a little outside my means. but for right now, that means i have a fabulous time (although it’s not good when i get down to having $1 in my checking account—yes, that actually happened, and embarrassingly enough, it was fairly recent. you can expect a finance post soon.)
7. i’m having a total pop moment right now and am obsessed with beyonce’s “if i were a boy” and leona lewis’ “better in time.” also, on the opposite end of the spectrum, i’m really loving ray lamontagne. check him out if you haven’t.

happy thursday, my darlings! see you tomorrow…xo.

{ image above, of j.crew creative director jenna lyons' amazing dressing room, via }Link


  1. These are great facts! I lived in NY for 3 years and the first year was magical...then it went downhill from there - for me! {I like space and having a car!!} I love anthropologie!

    This dressing room - I want it!!

  2. Oh, no worries...we forgive you:) This was fun! Anthro is definitely up there for me. I would love to live in Paris for a year. Why don't you take my NYC apartment and I'll do some sort of a swap with a Parisian, and she'll take yours, and then we'll rotate? Bueno?!

  3. omg....Can I just tell you that last weekend while in the shower {and seemingly out of no where} I started singing "Part of your world"!!! It sounds so good in the bathroom with the fab acoustics!!!

    Also, another side note ...I moved to Irvine when I was 18 to work at Disneyland!!! I wanted to be a character in the parade. lol