Friday, October 10, 2008

happy, happy friday!

i know i’ve been a bad blogger lately, but there’s been a lot going on. so i’m going to take the weekend to have fun and will be back on monday with something substantial!

until then, take a look at this great fuschia peacoat from old navy (yes, old navy). it’s $90, but i’m sure it will go on sale within, like, two weeks—and i’ve pretty much decided it’s going to be my new winter coat. an empire waist and cute pockets? yes, please! i’d pair it with a sleek black sheath dress, opaque black tights and these gorgeous michael kors heels. hello, lover.

what are your plans, my dears?


{ image above from old navy. }


  1. Meg, here is the patterned version of the skirt I got from Kohl's:

    It matches the peacoat! And the top I bought. I love that purple color. And I love that peacoat too!

  2. Well, lovey, we'll have to make sure we don't wear 'em on the same day, because be assured I will be scooping one of these up for myself! SO CUTE!