Thursday, October 2, 2008

october, oh, october.

hey, guys—i’m sorry for the super-sporadic posting this week. i’ve been recovering from a cold (yay, advil cold & sinus) and insanely busy with work and stuff. i’m so glad tomorrow’s friday—i need a weekend!

anyway, i looked at my cell phone yesterday and was totally shocked to see that it said oct. 1. i mean, yes, i knew yesterday was the first of october—but when exactly did september slip away? it’s now really, truly, officially fall.

so in the spirit of a new month—and my love of lists—here’s just a few reasons why i love october:

+ halloween. need i say more? (also: are you guys dressing up? and if so, what are you going to be? i need suggestions! also, is it sad that i kind of want to be a princess so i can create a costume around these fabulous pink and green bcbg shoes that i saw?)
+ pumpkins. they’re so orange and jaunty.
+ soups and squash.
+ scarves and tights.
+ the fact that we’re that much closer to thanksgiving and christmas.
+ gorgeous weather—highs in the 70s and 80s, lows in the 60s. perfection.
+ open windows at night.
+ new people and the start of sarasota’s social season.
+ time change. an extra hour of sleep? yes, please!

what do you guys love about october? and please do tell me your halloween plans—i know it’s a bit early, but i want to hear!

{ pumpkin polaroid by flickr user sea wolff }


  1. I love the weather in October! And that my birthday is here, the day before Halloween!! Yay!

  2. ooh, yay for your birthday, alicia! :) and for fall weather!