Wednesday, October 15, 2008

sartorial wednesday.

how much do you love-love-love this photograph? it’s via the sartorialist, of course, and it makes me want to hop on my (nonexistent) bike and go for a spin around downtown sarasota. also, this lovely lady’s outfit is pretty much perfect—the shoes! the tights! the sunglasses! the classic trench coat! the pretty patterned skirt and sweet top! i have serious outfit envy right now.

i’ve been meaning to buy a bike for awhile now and this makes me want to do it that much more (and add a basket to it, to boot). perfection, seriously.

are you all bike riders?


  1. this makes me wish i knew how to ride a bike, even though i'm secretly afraid to learn.

  2. I love his photos too - I have a bike, but not nearly as pretty as this one!