Tuesday, October 28, 2008

kitchen love.

um, so tell me this isn't the cutest kitchen ever. i am loving the pink and red dots, the letters that spell "eau" behind the sink and the general cheeriness of the space. in fact, maybe i should buy some dot decals and copy this look in my own teeny-tiny house.

and while we're on the subject, what fun fall foods are you whipping up in your kitchens? i'm having a sweet potato moment, and giada's baked sweet potato fries with garlic-mayonnaise dipping sauce are at the top of my recipe list. seriously, seriously delicious.

{ image via door sixteen by way of marie claire maison }


  1. mmmmm i LOVE sweet potato fries!

  2. Also -- speaking of letters - check out this project:

    It's from the same lady that is offering that free class I'm going to take!