Monday, October 27, 2008

monday morning eye candy.

just a little beginning-of-the-week prettiness for you--mrs. french's work has already made the blog rounds, but i couldn't resist posting a few of her beautiful images. not only does she pen (er, type?) an inspiring blog, bliss, but the images above can be purchased in her etsy shop. that lightbulb photograph has my name all over it...

how were your weekends? i hope you all have fabulous mondays! xo

p.s. um, saturday is november 1. that is crazy! where did october go?!

{ images above from here }


  1. I love love love Frenchie, and that top photo is delicious:) My weekend was great, and you?

  2. I love Mrs. French - her photos are amazing!

  3. I love these photos! My weekend was great! My blog tells about the highlights with school! Yeah! How was your weekend??

  4. yay--i'm glad you all share in my bliss/mrs. french love, and that you had lovely weekends! mine was great: time spent with friends, time spent outdoors, time spent relaxing...the best kind of weekend. :)

    thanks for your comments, lovelies! xo

  5. mmm... blissful images- her shop makes me feel SO happy!