Friday, October 17, 2008

food for thought.

my dears, this passage--which i rediscovered while rereading anne of avonlea the other day (hello, youth)--is a pretty clear indicator of the woman i aspire to be. and i thought i'd leave you with it today.

"she held over him the unconscious influence that every girl, whose ideals are high and pure, wields over her friends; an influence which would endure as long as she was faithful to those ideals and which she would as certainly lose if she were ever false to them. in gilbert's eyes anne's greatest charm was the fact that she never stooped to the petty practices of so many of the avonlea girls--the small jealousies, the little deceits and rivalries, the palpable bids for favor. anne held herself apart from all this, not consciously or by design, but simply because anything of the sort was utterly foreign to her transparent, impulsive nature, crystal clear in its motives and aspirations."

isn't that lovely? just some food for thought for the weekend. the anne series was one of my favorites growing up--what was yours?

have a wonderful weekend! see you monday. xo

p.s. if you're looking for something super fun to do this weekend, i highly recommend kayaking. i did it yesterday, out on gorgeous sarasota bay, and i swear on everything holy that there were wild dolphins right next to me and the person i was with. incredible.

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