Monday, October 6, 2008

survey for a monday.

1. clothes shop: anthropologie, j.crew, target (the new jonathan saunders line is super fun), gap and old navy (for basics), and thrift stores (especially for jewelry). plus, sarasota has some great independent boutiques on main street that i love to pop into whenever i get the chance.
2. furniture shop:
ikea and again, thrift stores for great vintage stuff.
3. sweet:
mm, dark chocolate.
4. city:
new york has my heart.
5. drink:
water, coffee, green tea, margaritas.
6. music:
a really eclectic mix. i’ve been listening to jimmy eat world’s futures again lately—i think it’s because the title track has such a political edge. also, a little regina spektor, a little john mayer, coldplay, copeland, corinne bailey rae, some michael buble…like i said, random.
7. tv series:
the office. grey’s anatomy. pushing daisies. project runway. gossip girl.
8. film:
amelie is my all-time favorite; waitress is probably my most recent fave. oh, and i got sex and the city: the movie from netflix and watched it pretty much all weekend…yay!
9 workout:
beach, bay, blog.
10. pastries:
cupcakes or really good chocolate chip cookies.
11. coffee:
grande skinny iced vanilla latte from ‘bucks, or—if i make it at home—whole foods breakfast blend with some silk french vanilla creamer and a touch of agave nectar to sweeten. yum!

now, dear readers, please fill this out yourselves and link me or leave some interesting factoids about yourselves in the comments! happy monday, my loves!

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