Wednesday, September 24, 2008

loving: "ellie" necklace from acts of kindness.

i just love this little gold "ellie" necklace from melissa of acts of kindness. as i mentioned yesterday, i have a fondness for elephants -- they're such wonderful animals -- and i can really use any kind of calmness the wind would like to blow my way right now (work is nutso). if i had 375 bones to spare, i'd be wearing this to the office tomorrow with a cute little black dress and kitten heels. maybe someday -- until then, whoever buys ellie and her calm is lucky indeed.

{ image via acts of kindness, first spotted on the lovely decor8 }


  1. I am really loving this necklace! The elephant, the turquoise, and of course the calm really speak to me! Who doesn't need calmness in their life. Off to check out her shop!

  2. EEK! I love this! I love elephants for some reason and this is just adorable. Plus, the message...

    And, something else...thank you so much for your sweet comments and support. Truly:)