Thursday, September 4, 2008

pretty peonies.

i’m having a love affair with peonies right now, which is not a novel thing by any means, but which is slightly ironic because they don’t grow well here in florida. still, i can’t help but adore them and wish i could have a huge vase on my desk or nightstand. there’s something so sensual about them – the way they smell, the layers and layers of petals, the shape – love.

{ image above via jen gotch's flickr photostream }

and i’ve been thinking about flowers a lot lately due to, among other things, various friends who are engaged or on the cusp of engagement – and the onset of fall, which means open windows and sweet floral scents wafting through my apartment.

{ image by flickr user brookem_danno }

i’m also totally feeling polaroid photos, a la the fabulous jen gotch, so i did a little flickr search for polaroids and peonies and these photos are what i came up with. i really like looking at them, and i hope you will too. i’ve credited the photographers and linked to their flickr sites below each picture.

{ image by flickr user meherban singh }

p.s. after gazing at peonies for a long time, i clicked over to the j.crew web site and was immediately drawn this gorgeous wedding gown. the white, the organza ruffles…sort of peony-like, don’t you think? some bride is going to look beautiful in this.

{ fontaine gown by j.crew }


  1. we're thinking about silk peonies for table decorations or other decor. My mom found one where she used to work that matches our colors perfectly. But there was only one left, so we have to search around to find others if we decide to use them!

  2. i love peonies. they are so soft-looking and feminine. Also, the new J.Crew catalogue is to die for! love that dress.

  3. Just want to leave my comment on ur piones!

    I LOVE them so much...

    Have an enjoyable friday.

    greeting from Stockholm!

  4. Oh I love these too - those images are amazing.

  5. Oh I love these too - those images are amazing.