Monday, September 8, 2008

monday, oh, monday.

how were your weekends, dear readers? i hope they were fantastic.

mine was pretty good, all around: friday night was a party at mattison’s forty one – it takes place every year and is sort of the kickoff to our local social season (which really hits its stride around november – sarasota is a very social town). technically, i was there working, but i ended up really enjoying myself. after the party, i headed downtown to ceviche, where i caught up with my friends k., s. and c. at the rooftop bar and managed to hold my own for a little bit in spite of the fact that my heels were killing me.

saturday morning met me with a sinus headache the size of texas, and like an idiot i didn’t take an aspirin until much later in the afternoon, so i spent most of the day running errands in a sort of sinus-y stupor. not fun. luckily, an advil and an hour or two spent laying on my bed watching the food network (seriously, isn’t the fn so calming?) made me feel much better, so by the time my friend k. (not the same k. from friday – i have a lot of friends whose names start with k., apparently) made it over to my apartment and suggested a trip to the bookstore for coffee and catch-up time, i was ready and willing to go, and i'm glad i did – we had a lovely time.

thankfully, i woke up sunday sans headache and spent part of the day cleaning my house, then decided – randomly – that i needed to go put gas in my car just in case hurricane ike decided to turn and i had to evacuate. (yes, this is how my mind works – but i actually was low on gas.) well, true to form, going out to fuel up turned into a trip to old navy, and i picked up this little number (thank you, 40 percent off coupon), which i’m wearing today with bright yellow shoes. yay! (as per usual, the dress is actually much cuter in person, and it’s super comfortable.) i spent the rest of the night cooking (black beans and rice, though with slightly too much garlic – my tummy is feeling the effects this morning), painting my nails (sally hanson’s haute chocolate) and flipping between the hills, the mtv vmas and mad men. a very nice evening, if i do say so myself.

so today i’m back at work, and despite some tummy issues from the aforementioned garlic – um, how much can i complain in this post? – i’m having a pretty good monday. still, when it comes down to it, i’d rather be snuggled up in my apartment with oscar and a cup of tea. these images from heather of skinny laminx make me think of doing just that. i hope you enjoy them, too – her stuff is so great.

see you tomorrow!

{ all images via skinny laminx }

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  1. Love her stuff too - sounds like an interesting weekend! Oh Monday's to a better week.