Wednesday, September 10, 2008

passion for fashion.

so it’s fashion week in new york right now, and oh, how i wish i was there. but i’ve been spending my free moments checking and reading the fug girls’ posts on’s the cut, so at least that’s tiding me over – and i thought today i’d share a couple of my favorite images with you. a little wednesday-morning eye candy, if you will. (click each image to enlarge.)

first up, tibi. love the colors and the asian-inspired silhouettes.

next, gorgeous gowns at tuleh (plus one skirt-and-top combo):

then malandrino (love the detailing):

and finally, i am really digging the headbands at diane von furstenburg. i’m kind of headband-crazy right now; i’m seriously thinking about purchasing one from sometime in the near future and wearing it next time i have a fancy party to go to. i’d make a statement, no?

who’s shown your favorite fashion week collection so far?

{ all images via, photoshopped by moi. }


  1. Is is just me or do those models look a little extra tall and skinny ;)

  2. ha! the third and fourth ones in each row probably do...

  3. Oh I really like the colors from Tibi - they are so hip!