Wednesday, September 3, 2008

things that make me happy: wednesday edition.

i swear it feels like just hours since i was last typing the words “happy hump day,” but here we are again, a week later – and in september, too! i, personally, am ecstatic about the approach of autumn, although it basically stays hot here in florida through october and we have to deal with hurricanes until november (see: hanna, ike and josephine).

anyway, i had a great last weekend at my parents’ house and got to see a lot of my close friends who still live in the area, which was lovely. i also made trips to ikea (the busig tray i’ve been coveting is finally mine, along with some new flatware and a bunch of little knick-knacks) and old navy, where got two new pairs of jeans – one pair in a trouser style that, after they’re hemmed, i’m really excited to wear. (a confession, dear readers: all i want to do lately is shop for new clothes. eep!)

and since it’s wednesday and the week is half over, i thought i’d do a quick little list of things that are making me happy. feel free to add your own items to the mix!

+ again, fall. tights (oh, tights, love!) and sweaters and layers and wonderfulness.
+ i’ve mentioned these before, but’s beautiful hair accessories make me smile by just looking at them.
+ mad men. can someone please tell me why i waited so long to jump on this bandwagon? the drama, the's all glorious.
brach’s mellocreme pumpkins. i know some of you are probably thinking, “oh, gross” right now, but these little orange delights make my mouth very happy. i can only find them here around halloween, so i’m hoarding a little stockpile right now. (i love candy corn, too.)
+ these sweet owl pillows that holly posted about yesterday. love!
+ gray, yellow and purple. yum.
+ joy’s fabulous file folders from her stationery line, nantaka joy. not that i ever need an excuse to hit up an anthropologie, but these will be coming home with me a.s.a.p.
+ the famed new york times cookies – i made orangette’s version (with king arthur flour and ghirardelli 60 percent bittersweet chocolate chips) last week and they were ah-ma-zing. i took a huge plate to work and they were gone in a flash; the next day, people kept asking if i had more hiding somewhere else. make these cookies, you guys.

i think that’s a good little catalogue for now – and typing it up has certainly made me happy! tell me: what’s on your happy list?

{ gorgeous images above by zoe bradley via design*sponge – i couldn’t resist sharing. }


  1. oh how I LOVE Mad Men! And Anthropologie. I, also, love your blog title. Cute.