Friday, April 4, 2008

weekly recap + the weekend

i’m only going to do one post today, guys, because my mom and little brother are in town (separately, interestingly enough) and i may have to go to a sarasota film festival event tonight (will keep you posted on any star sightings – charlize theron and stanley tucci, among others, are expected to be here this week). it should be an excellent weekend: my mom and i have plans to take full advantage of sarasota in the spring, which means eating at outdoor restaurants, going to the beach, shopping – all sorts of fun stuff. and then my friend t. and i have tickets to a film festival movie on sunday, which should be wonderful. oh, spring things…

anyway, this week was a great one for the blog, i think, and i hope you agree. here’s a look back at what happened:

[see you next week – i hope you have a wonderful, wonderful spring weekend! xo.]


  1. I thought those were your cupcakes! i LOVE you cupcakes. I bet yours are probably better than the wire whisk ones. :)

  2. PS - I just saw a commercial for The Office which is NEW next week!

  3. SO excited about a new episode of the office! :)