Tuesday, April 1, 2008

going green: plover organic

ok, i’ll admit it: i totally ganked this week’s “going green” product from one of grace’s posts today. but in my defense, i’ve had bedding on the brain lately. i’m gearing up to purchase a new bed (specifically, this one from ikea), and i’ll definitely need bedding for it, because i currently sleep on a twin. (…i know.) so even though i probably can’t afford this gorgeous bedding from plover organic, i thought i’d post it for those of you who can – and who, like me, like pretty things.

why it’s green: plover uses 100 percent organic cotton, which means no sketchy harvesting practices. we love that.

the pictures of the products on the web site look so deliciously comfortable that i now want to go crawl into my (freshly laundered) bed. hope you enjoyed this “going green” column – stay tuned for next week’s, about some people that i’m really excited to introduce.

[photos via plover organic and design*sponge.]

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