Monday, April 7, 2008


what a wonderful, relaxing weekend it was. it began on friday with my mom's arrival and lunch at yoder's, a mennonite restaurant (note: if you go there, don't leave without a slice of butterscotch cream pie), and continued with an interview with a soon-to-be-famous actress in a suite overlooking the ocean on the eighth floor of the longboat key club, dinner (with my brother and his friends) at mattison's in downtown sarasota, trips to the farmer's market, sarasota news & books, the newly expanded sarasota olive oil company and casa italia (where we picked up packages of pasta and bottles of olive oil), a movie at burns court (miss pettigrew lives for a day, with amy adams and frances mcdormand, which was excellent), dinner at canvas cafe, breakfast at the serving spoon and a stroll through morton's market. then, after my mom left this afternoon, my lovely friend t. and i went to a screening of audrey tatou's new movie, priceless, which was terrific. (audrey played the main character in amelie, one of my favorite films ever, so i jump at any chance i get to see her movies.)

so that was the weekend, and now i'm looking forward to the week ahead. coming up today, we'll have our usual weekly recipe as well as one other small post, and i'm still working on this week's "theme." i'm thinking, since the sarasota film festival is going on right now, hollywood/the movies might be a good one. so stay tuned.

[photo above: "koi in a fountain" dessert plate from anthropologie.]

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