Friday, April 18, 2008


another week has come and gone, and i have to say, i am so happy it’s the weekend. my dear friend s. is coming to visit tomorrow and is planning on staying overnight, which means i need to give my apartment a major clean, but i’m actually kind of looking forward to it. right now there are bulk-bin bags of brown basmati rice, bulgur and walnuts sitting on my counter, dishes piled up in the sink and clothes strewn everywhere – not to mention a hamperful of dirty laundry – so getting all of that stuff in order will lend a more soothing air to my home, i think. i definitely function better when things are in their proper place – it’s just getting them there that’s the challenge, for me.

that being said, i’ve definitely entered a “nesting” phase in my life – thanks in part to all the of the home-themed sites on my blogroll – and i’m in a place where i think i’m going to try to make a concerted effort to really make my apartment a place where i (and others) want to spend time (same with my desk at work, as i mentioned on wednesday). while this is not going to become a strictly design-themed blog (i love fashion, food and rambling about totally random things too much for that), expect a lot more pictures of my apartment and home goods i like to start cropping up. i feel lucky to live in a place that’s full of amazing thrift and consignment stores, and i’m going to start frequenting them much more often.

and speaking of sarasota, a couple of things:

+ inspired by new favorite door sixteen, i added an “i love sarasota…” link list to the column at left. these are just a few of the many places i frequent here in town; expect the list to lengthen and change every so often.

+ i also wrote up a teeny, tiny biography and put a link to it, also at left. it’s nothing you don’t already know if you’ve read any of my posts (or know me personally), but it makes me feel more professional.

+ once again, i’m switching up the way i format our posts here at good ol’ pmitg. i’ve discovered that doing categories and multiple posts, a la design*sponge, is both not me and kind of time-consuming what-with work being so crazy lately, so i’m going to stick to one post a day. i’ll keep “loose” themes – food stuff on monday, for example – but i’m going to be a little more lax and i think that will create more interesting (and more thought-out) content. i hope you agree.

and on that note, see you monday! i’m looking forward to a weekend of april sunshine, fresh croissants and coffee, beach walks and good conversation. i hope you are, too.

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  1. You said "typewriter picture" and I was like what? I looked at your picture again and for the first time saw that it was a typewriter. This entire time I thought it was a bed. Haha