Monday, April 7, 2008

loving: pottery barn + saturated color.

i need to go to and have my name removed from the multiple catalogue mailing lists i'm on -- thanks to my aforementioned anthropologie habit, i now get everything from boden to j.crew to crate & barrel to companies i've never heard of. however, while sorting mail the other day i was struck by pottery barn's most recent catologue; it was full of beautiful, bright colors and interesting patterns. this dining room, in particular, stood out to me. i'm loving the green-striped chairs, curtains and valances against the dark wood and the beautiful blue wall, and i think the white accents are fresh and clean. (of course, my favorite part of all of it is really the stacks of books in the right corner.) maybe i'll be lucky enough to have a dining room like this some day; until then, i'll look at this picture and dream about that prospect. [photo courtesy pottery barn. coming up: this week's recipe!]

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