Monday, April 14, 2008

le weekend.

what a random weekend it was. after work on friday, i came home, made dinner, curled up on the couch and launched into a series of phone conversations with some of my favorite people, only to discover, about halfway through the night, that oscar had started limping pretty badly -- to the point where he would walk a couple of steps and have to stop. he didn't seem to be in a whole lot of pain, and he was still eating and drinking like a fiend, so i didn't freak out as much as i might have otherwise, but it was still kinda of scary. poor thing.

luckily, i woke up on saturday to find that his limp was much less severe, and as the day progressed it got better still. in fact, i went out for a bit that night with some of my girlfriends and when i came home, he was racing around the apartment like a madman. and sunday he was even better; i think he must have jumped off my bed or the sofa or something and landed wrong. poor thing.

anyway, in non-cat-related news, other than going out on saturday night, it was a fairly quiet weekend. unfortunately, i woke up with a sinus headache on saturday and sunday (i blame it on the florida weather, which was 80-plus degrees all last week but which is supposed to go down into the 60s this coming one), so i felt kind of yucky, but i still managed to make it to the "in conversation with..." film festival event at the historic asolo theater on sunday. as i mentioned, charlize theron was there (looking stunning in black skinny jeans, black flats, a black tank top and a white jacket [chanel, maybe?] with a black collar), as was her actor-director boyfriend, stuart townsend, and michelle rodriguez (lost) and martin henderson (smokin' aces). they were there to discuss townsend's new movie, battle in seattle, and while the conversation veered mostly toward what it's like to work with a director who is also an actor (as opposed to a director who isn't an actor), it was really interesting to listen to them talk and see, like, famous people sitting five feet in front of me. (fyi, the film, whose name kind of makes it sound like a comedy, is actually about the world trade organization meetings that were held in seattle in 1999 and the riots that swept through the streets as a result. very interesting.)

oh, and i also spent hours lazing and round and reading old entries on some of my favorite blogs -- door sixteen is my newest favorite; it really makes me happy. and i had a yummy dinner with my friend k. -- the perfect ending to a lazy sunday.

so that was the weekend, and now we're back to monday again. i have another great recipe to post in a few, as well as a picture of some new kitchen stuff that i acquired last week, so stay tuned. [photo above: that's my oscar! doesn't he kind of look like the cloud hurricanes on the weather channel?]

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