Monday, April 21, 2008

eight days a week.

today’s post was going to be about the explosion of activity in my life as of late. i was going to recap the weekend, talk about what’s on my plate for the week(s) ahead and mention my current need (not want – need, with italics) to get to ikea in orlando, not only to purchase my new bed but to pick up some of their wonderful textiles. but i’m not going to do that – at least not now. i’m just going to leave you with an image.

there are days when i don’t remember how i got to work in the morning – i’ll get in my car and drive the two blocks on complete autopilot. (shameful to drive that short a distance, i know, and i’m going to start walking soon since gas has hit $3.50-plus per gallon here, but i had to do an interview today.) then i’ll get out of my car; walk, half-awake, across the street and into my office building; sit down at my desk; and stare at unread e-mail until i finally am able to get a cup of coffee (with silk french vanilla soy creamer and one splenda, please) in my body and start functioning like a normal person.

but today wasn’t one of those days. today i woke up, drove to work (and remembered doing so), got out of my car, came to the crosswalk and, while waiting for a car to pass, took a deep breath and looked up at the sky. there wasn’t a cloud to be seen – all i saw was a perfect azure expanse. and as the sunlight hit my face, i heard the palm trees rustle and swore i could smell the ocean in the distance.

lovely. april, to butcher t.s. eliot’s famous quote, is sometimes not the cruelest month.

ps: the photo above is of me at the beach this weekend, taken by s. (i wear that shirt a lot.)

pps: tonight i’m making heidi swanson’s egg salad so i can have a sunshine-colored sandwich tomorrow for lunch and whipping up a pot of her split-pea soup for dinner tonight. later this week i’ll be trying out her plump pea dumplings. sigh. i think i have a new cooking-blog addiction.

ppps: notice the new banner? that’s courtesy of the lovely-and-talented mel. she will be receiving a large amount of cupcakes and a huge hug next time i see her. check out her scrapbooking-themed blog, color me crafty, if you get a chance!

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