Tuesday, April 29, 2008

loving: blue-and-green + more j.crew.

as is to be expected, i think, i’m still untangling a lot of emotional stuff and trying to get my headspace as close to balanced as possible so i can focus on my job and the stuff i was working on before leaving for pennsylvania last week. so i thought today’s blog could be another “loving” post – and these green-and-blue satin shoes (flats for comfort; a heeled version for those who like a little height) are things i am certainly loving.

j.crew has really been on the mark lately. it’s always been a purveyor of preppy-cool clothing, but lately the store seems to have upped its style ante. i’ve been loving the bright, saturated colors and the pretty patterns, and have a secret desire to hit the j.crew store in orlando next time i’m visiting my parents. also, green-and-blue is a color combo i adore for spring – and one that makes these shoes even more perfect. i am determined to use my economic stimulus payment to pay off one of my credit cards, but if i wasn’t going to do that, those flats certainly would be in my closet. love.


  1. I found you over here!
    I have missed you.

    I was writing a scholarship essay and then thinking of whoooo would be a good person to review it and then I realized that I had lost you.

    I am now rss subscribing. ♥

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